INSTY-Handel’s Ice Cream

Ice Cream on set with the Handel’s gang
beniece benicio dell toro is so good, rent it for that. >> you get the big dish, we get the single serving dish. >> back to wolfman for just a second, wasn’t all the genius in the casting? >> it was. benicio is so strange and bizarre, it’s actually worth renting the dvd but you may fall asleep too. >> well, you get all those extras on dvd. >> if you don’t like it, regift it. >> ice cream. >> ice cream goes good with movies. >> i wouldn’t recommend sneaking it into the theater, but it’s quiet. >> we sneak in all kinds of things. my daughter brings a purse. i probably shouldn’t say this. i make her bring a purse. >> ice cream is what i prefer. we sit down and do a little family nest action at home, i prefer them to have that over chips or crunching. >> ladies, introduce yourselves. >> i’m gina. >> and i’m kara. >> and you’re just — >> the handles girls. >> all right. >> what flavors do we



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