INSTY – Halloween Treats From Miejer

Meijer’s Healthy Living Advisor, Kristen Johnson, is in to talk about some healthy treats for Halloween.
beautiful, always by design. ghoulish today. kristen is back. here with hier and always great ideas. you will get us focused. when i go there, i wander. >> stick to the list. stick to the list. you have a great list of things here for us for the halloween holiday. >> yeah, we are going to show you some nutritious recipes. halloween recipes and snack ideas. different ways to decorate and halloween doesn’t always have to be about junk food and candy. >> doesn’t always have to be about sugar kids. >> exactly. are we started here, i heat a little bit of the onions. >> yes. >> and, just some water so you don’t have to use oil. >> yes. just, cook them until they are soft and then this is a pumpkin soup we are going to make. we are going to add puree pumpkin. pumpkins smell so good, you can use them in anything. a lot of times you can use the pumpkin instead of the oil in baking. >> okay. >> ba



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