INSTY – Grilling In Big Green Eggs

Darrell Cline from Pools of Fun talks to Tracy about the advantages of grilling in a Big Green Egg.
speaking of a great lineup, look at that lineup of big green eggs. love it. >> oh, yeah, you mentioned clay but we’re talking ceramic. joe klein is here. thanks for being here. >> good morning. >> thanks for bringing all this stuff. quick story. bear with me viewers. was in memphis with my wife and didn’t realize that there was a national barbecue champnship taking place. these where everywhere. i didn’t know what they were. it looked like an alien invasion. it looked like all right, this is a center where they’re going to populate and spawn. these are shaped like eggs but in terms of what they do, very different than an alien invasion. you just get an invasion in your backyard. >> exactly. something else to make the summer a little bit more fun. >> okay. what about the one — >> we can. this is a bigger egg. >> there you go. >> it is what’s considered a kamada grill. it’s a japanese ter



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