INSTY – “Good Enough To Eat”

Stacy Bailis, author of “Good Enough to Eat” talks about her new book and shares some recipes.
>>> we’ve got stacy baylor joining us now, the author of “good enough to eat.” all the way down from chicago. >> i drove in yesterday. >> are y in — how does it work? how do the recipes and everything come together? >> here’s how it comes together. i’m a very passionate home cook. i’m not professionally trained. most of what i am is an author. the new book is about a local chicago chef gone through a life transformation, lost half her body weight, 145 pounds with diet and exercise and healthy eating and gotten a degree in holistic nutrition and opened a takeout and at which point her husband leaves her for a woman twice her size. >> oh. she loses the weight and — how did you get the idea for that? >> the manager. >> we don’t like him. >> turning the traditional on their head a little bit. we always hear about the books where either the girl loses all the weight and gets the guy or feel



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