INSTY- Gingerbread Cookies

Gingerbread Cookies.
>> i don’t want it to get into his wcooking way. >> is that like a mary poppins milky way? >> and we were discussing part baking lesson part mary poppins history. talk about these cookies. >> mrs. corey, who is the oldest woman in the world. she comes from pl traverse. she is the one who wrote the original books. she is found in the books not the movie. when george banks was a child. he would escape and mrs. corey would make him these begingerbread stars. later in the show, whehe is older, he finds these stars again and it reminded him of his childhood and the good times. they help him reconnect with his family. >> this is where she loses it and the water works start. >> yes. so the stars are a symbol of hope. >> no pressure for the chef. >> he comes to us courtesy of chef tony. >> i teach there full time and, the ripple inn, the old ripple steakhouse. we will be opening that on the 16th



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