INSTY- Garden Cookbook

A White House Garden Cookbook.
>> tracy: we’re back in the very much. chef tony is very gracious on thursday to share the kitchen. and this is a big deal. the notion, you usually think white house and garden, my think roses but they’ve taken this to another level. by they i mean the first family. >> mrs. obama wanted to plant a garden, and she did it. they’re into their second season, well into it. this is a gruesome bumpkin. they grew 55 different kinds of things last year. >> tracy: 55? >> a lot of vegetables, herbs and just a few fruits and berries. >> andi: i wonder how many dignitaries ate food from the garden. >> they had a state dinner with felipe calderon and the president of india. >> tracy: and where there is a garden abounty there has to be recipes. >> yes, the recipes in this book are all based on things that grew in the first season of the white house garden. this is a very simple recipe. a lot of recipes



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