INSTY: Fun Picnic Recipes

Annessa Chumbley prepares three dishes that are great for taking on a picnic.
she had botox injected. you are going intoject some flavor into our picnic baskets, right? >> that’s right. >> you are rebelling against the mundane when it comes to eating outside. >> exactly. we have three recipes. you can take these and switch them up, whatever. these are things i like to do for a picnic. the first is a fast and easy fruit salad. you’ll our going to do is chop up whatever your favorite fruits are and throw in some yogurt. i picked strawberries, bananas, kiwi and grapes. grapes are especially sweet right now. let me talk about cutting. i know it seems simple, but — like the first thi i learned in cooking classes was how to cut an onion. at the time i was like who needs to know this? i use that skill more than anything. >> you were in the one in the back of the class talking. hello. >> we do need to know. >> show us how to cut then. >> this is just the easiest way. cut



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