INSTY: Food For The Brain

Annessa Chumbley highlights three foods that will help improve brain power.
from cars to talk about healthy food now. annessa chumbley joins us this morning. >> yeah. >> and you brought in brain food. >> yes. we are going to highlight three foods shown to better the brain. so they are going to kick up the summer brain waves for us. >> awesome. first, salmon. look how bright orange this salmon is. the reason it is good for us is because of the way the fish lives. when it swims from the sea to the river it eats up little tiny pytoplanktons that sit around soaking up the sun. so buying salmon is like buying sunshine. it makes the salmon really bright orange which makes it high in an antioxidant. just know it will go in and protect your central nervous system and your brain. that potent antioxidant. >> here’s what i notice. some salmon isn’t that bright. >> right. you hit on a good point. that is the farm-raised salmon won’t be as potent in the azteczanthan. eat sal



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