INSTY – Five Dollar Dinners

Erin Chase from $5Dinners.com is on to show how you can balance your budget by saving money at dinner.
>> andi: so we all agree. >> tracy: we all agree to what? >> andi: that a $5 male is great, and the way james says twitter. >> tracy: no one else sh can say it. they should sponsor him. they should record him saying twitter. you’ve seen the ads, the potential for a male for family of four for $5. erin chase is here to talk about that. >> good morning. >> andi: $5. >> tracy: you can’t do lunch on $5 let alone feed a family of four, and that’s the challenge, and you’ve accepted it. >> two and a half years ago we saw gas over $4 a gallon. and we had to cut back, one income, grocery, i was probably spending $400.500 a month for a family of four. gas prices are sending our budget into the red. i started doing meal planning and coupons and i would break down dinner for my husband. pork chops on a manager special, this was $3.85. i thought, $5 meals. i wonder if that’s realistic. i can do spagh



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