INSTY – Fire Fighter Cooking

Fire Fighters cook then talk about their charity thing.
>> and welcome back. we have — >> we got through the fire eater with no problems. nothing caught oon fire. had something caught on fire, luck ideally enough, we happen to have firefighters shawn. chief david from anderson fire department. thanks for coming by, guys. >> if anything would have happened, right here. >> we were right there. >> you were on. >> right like this. >> well, you got started kind of early. what exactly — >> yeah. you don’t know where it came from. because it doesn’t look so good at the end. it smells good. >> it has been a dish that when i came on, the older guys showed me, the dish. and, like i said, it is one of the favorites from the anderson fire department for breakfast and, the name is, has carried with it and we don’t know why it is called boogie man, but it is a name. >> all right. the tradition. at least they know. >> it looks hearty. >> what needs to be



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