INSTY – Filet Mignon Chili

Chef Michael Christensen from Sullivan’s Steakhouse prepares a Fillet Mignon chili from the new Indy Style Cookbook
>> our kitch season busy today. kitchens by design. always by function and always by design. functioning quite well right now. >> almost all burners used. almost maxed out. where are we chef? >> well, we are going to — >> lean over. first thing he does, the onions. >> it is all about teamwork in the kitchen. >> making things come together. >> right. we’ll saute up all red peppers an onions. we have already been browning our tend year loin tips. so we’ll cook these until they are translucent. maybe have just a slight amount of color. and then we are going to add them to the tips. >> how much — how much sirloin did you use? >> well, i’m doing half of the recipe that is in the book. >> okay. would be double this. >> okay. >> this is, this is going to get about three quarters of a gallon for a half a recipe. for one and a half gallons. >> wow. okay. >> how big your tailgate party is. >> ok



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