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Fiesta Indianpolis: Mexican Food, Machu Picchu
>>> our kitchen was designed by kitchens by design. always beautiful, always by design. this morning we have peru in the kitchen this morning. >> but this is the actual — and we have — chef is here. what is sizzling here? >> well, we are going to show in the festival, this is an appetizer, and this over there is fried rise, sea food and squid. all kind of sea food on there. >> that looks amazing. >> and beef heart, is that something that is pretty common place in peru? >> yes, everyone has to try it over there. >> once you cross the border, you have to have it. >> here have some. >> are there some ways to tell that if some things are peruvian versus other neighbors countries and cultures? >> you can see the difference, in our food. they say we probably use the same things. but the way we cook it is different. the flavor and taste is so different. >> we have sonia. how are you doing? >>



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