INSTY-Fair Food

Andi goes over some of the food featured at the fair this year
>>> a major component of the fair, of course, not only the animals, but the food. huge. some of the things are going to amaze you in a good way. and then, in a really bad way, too because it’s not exactly the healthiest food. you can’t go to the farmers market for healthy stuff. we are going to take a look at the stuff with, you know, the fat and sugar. we have hot buttered sweet corn that’s right behind me. a favorite. everybody loves that one. what is the other one you have ben? he’s showing us bacon. is that chocolate covered bacon? i like chocolate, i like bacon. i don’t know about marrying the two together. there are some health conscious if you are. some of us are. there’s low fat. we will get that. what else? country fried bacon, popcorn balls. this is the one — there’s one that really caught my eye. that’s not the one. i don’t think we have a picture of it. it’s deep fried butte



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