INSTY: Facts About Eggs

Amanda Jackson from Rose Acre Farms was in to talk about the eggs.
>> amanda jackson joins us. thank you for joining us. you heard the atrocious puns that andy and i were having go off. we have an egg-pose. the farms is in seymour. pretty big deal. >> the farm brand came about in 1939 a many people — after many people moved to the cities to get jobs and the need for fresh eggs was not being met on family farms any longer. rose acre farms began in 1939 and started to sell eggs on the farmer’s market and that grown into pictures of our old egg truck. >> should i know those boys? are they child models from the 30s? they are two of the young sons of the owners. >> is it continues to be a family owned operation? >> yes. it is in the united states. her seven children and their families. we actually employ 1,500 people throughout indiana and surrounding states. >> the egg industry has varied quite a bit since then. >> it has. generally eggs were a commodity p



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