INSTY- Elizabeth Karmel

The author of “Pizza on the Grill” shows us how its done!
of these, they could double as booties. >>> you know an did i and i are going to talk two of my favorite words together. >> what’s that? >> pizza and grill. >> i know! what a different combination. to talk more about that, liz begged is the author of pizza on the grill. hi. >> hi, how are you all? >> doing well. so as tracy said, we have combining pizza and the grill. >> i couldn’t have said it better myself. here i am in the shadow of the statue of liberty, which is one of my favorite places on earth making america’s favorite food with the best way to cook it and that’s using a grill. i’m so excited to tell you about it because i want amerins and everybody who lives in indianapolis to get out there, go beyond hamburgers and hot dogs and make some great grilled pizza this summer. there are two secrets to great grilled pizza. number one, you have to make your own dough. number two, use a



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