INSTY: Egg Cooking Tips

Chef Tony from The Chef’s Academy shows us several different ways to make eggs properly.
entire show is all about eggs. we are continuing that theme with chef tony. good morning, how are you doing? >> how are you doing? you had a busy weekend. >> very busy. we had a lot of people in from other states. >> it’s like your own final four. >> actually, pretty much. final nine. it was a great experience to see the young culinarians. our know our future in food is in good hands. >> we are talking eggs today. >> yes. >> i appreciate you sticking with the theme. >> i call it a nonskid pan. one thing about people with cooking eggs, they cook it too hard, too fast, too hot. i have this on medium heat. i heated the pan first. we have very little bit of oil down. a french omelet. it’s just the difference in the fold. >> oh, okay. i have cracked two eggs. >> november sizzle when you pour them in. >> mine sizzles. i’m probably cooking too fast. >> and then you bring the heat up? >> i just



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