INSTY – Edwards Drive-In

Jeff Edwards of Edwards Drive-In brings a couple of classic rides and a burger recipe to the show to promote the drive-in’s Spring Fling.
>> tracy: stint enough that zuri is turning 23 and i have to play the whippersnapper deal. but now we have classic cars. there is no way that that car is old enough, but it is. >> andi: this car would have been when you were in high school, right, tracy? >> tracy: college, okay? college. my freshman year of college. we have bill, right? >> tim. >> tracy: i’m sorry you’re bill. i have to get it straight. but they don’t just throw the name shelby on anything. tell us about these cars. >> it’s a ’87 detone in a shelby z. it was designed by shelby. they made them in ’87 and ’88. this is the only two years they made the shelby z. >> tracy: it still plays cassettes. i have micah sets. we’ll get out the def leopard, man, how long have you had it? >> i have had the car for 11 years. when i got it my dad gave $200 for it. >> andi: wow, that’s it? >> it took me a year to get it running and back re



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