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Taste of Downtown
>>> later, maybe? later. you can finish your sandwich. okay, i’ll be right over. meredith is here. it’s always good to see you. it’s especially good when we know this particular event is coming up. it’s time, again. >> it is. >> taste of downtown. >> it’s the seventh annual taste of downtown this saturday. i’m not a weather watcher but this week i am. saturday is shaping up. >> you can blame randy ollis if it doesn’t shape up. seven years, how did this go from brain child idea toeality and how has it progressed? >> well, the event takes place on college avenue between ohio and new york street. it’s six blocks east of monument circle. seven years ago, we had a different complex. it was more industrial, more manufacturing. today, we have great neighbors like the chef’s academy, harrison college, r.j. and the complex of the neighborhood changed. we were looking to bond the neighborhood toge



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