INSTY- Down Home Cookin

The Chef from Down Home Cookin is cooking up a storm in the kitchen.
>> hey. >> good morning. >> she’s already going what are you doing over here already. >> we don’t want to wait. >> we got them everywhere. we have them up high. we can see what you are doing. teach us about soul food. >> it’s really from the south as far as my grandparents have told me. so, when you get a special feeling, a special tch is different from other touch. back in the day, they didn’t have, you know, measuring spoons and measuring cups. you did dips and dabs. >> do you do dips and dabs in the restaurant? >> yeah. yeah. you stood up and watched your grandparents show you how to do it. >> one definition is it can’t come from a box. >> no, it can’t. >> if it came from a box, it’s not soul food. >> that’s right. col lard greens is a main specialty. >> okay. >> we chop it up. some people cut it up. i like to chop it up. chop it there. >> a little more chunky, bger pieces? >> yeah. t



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