INSTY- Dig-in

Dig In: A Taste of Indiana at White River State Park
>>> i just helped h unpack. happy to see the next thing out of the basket. >> such a good helper, tracy. >> i’m just delivery boy. what are you going to get started making? >> tomato salad but ininn style. we are going to switch out the mots really la for goat cheese. >> it ties into dig-in, which is what we are here to talk about. >> absolutely. >> when is that coming up? this weekend, right? >> it is. sunday noon to 6:00 at white river state park in the main celebration plaza area. >> you can’t miss it if you are headed that way. we have had a lot of chefs on i”indy style” that are going to be there. great food and great wine. who all is going to be there? >> a great line up. we have extremely excited. we have 17 different chefs there. once you buy the general admission ticket, that’s it. you are in and have access to tasting. you don’t have to buy more tickets. that’s the deal. >> i k



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