INSTY – Devour Downtowns

Executive Chef David Fogley and Chef Pete Williams from St. Elmos and Harry & Izzy’s talk about their restaurants and Devour Downtown.
fabulous chefs. chef dave an chef pete from st. elmo’s. yes! so excited. here it is. >> oh, you are doing classics for people, st. elmo’s is nationally renown. here at izzy’s, describe the difference, if you could. a lot of same menu available, but the term of the vibe of the establishment. what are you trying to do here? >> well, it is real unique restaurant and pays homage to the two gentlemen who ran st. elmo’s for quite a long time. we give you the st. elmo experience but offer a lot more. >> cool much. >> what are you cooking up for us? >> for harry and izzy’s, we have crab cake, tomato and basil soup. we brought the cherry bread pudding from st. elmo’s and new flavors. >> goodness gracious. a big morning, tracy. >> downtown, great for st. elmo’s and harry and izzy’s, maybe give this experience to other people who might not otherwise? try it together as a culinary community? >> as a



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