INSTY – Devour Downtown

Taste some great local favorites with Devour Downtown
danielle. >> yes. there is always food involved with me. yes. >> there is always food involved with me. >> it has so many great restaurants downtown you want to try. price is an issue with you. >> with devour downtown, no reason that these places should not be on your list. i have susan decker with me downtown. thank you for joining us. you could go to your web site and there is so many restaurants on your list. how does one choose which is overwhelming. first time we had more than 50 restaurants. this time, 54. it is honestly going through all of the menus. you can choose between lunch, dinner an vegetarian options. is a hard choice, this time. over 50. how is the process work? do you approach them? do the restaurants approach you? have you ever turned anyone down? >> sometimes they are turned down if they are not a member of the restaurant association? they are given a grace period of



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