INSTY – Desert Balls

Desert Balls
beautiful. >> always by design. true to form, tracy forner, started. so excited because we have awesome guests. great cooking. what are you looking at? i am looking at doctor’s picture. posing. aa portrait. >> it is a great picture. little imposing in a good way. a man in his position. you want to feel confident about. >> that’s right. >> that is do impose august auauthoritative. not necessarily imposing. that is a good thing as well. good to have both of you here. >> thank you. this dish. >> we love the name. we know the serious responsibility you have with your profession. when you flip open a cookbook and your recipe is ding dong dessert balls, it just sort of — festive mood. >> it sort of force me in. who might be in. who sent that in? my lovely wife. for any particular reason? my job to add spice and excitement to relationship. so what does it take to put this together? >> we alrea



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