INSTY: Deep Fried Turkey Indoors

The crew from Masterbuilt visits the IndyStyle kitchen to show off their indoor deep fry turkey units.
>> i am smiling. >> thank you. >> it is hard to talk. our kitchen was designed by kitchens by design. always beautiful. always by design! some days it smells better than others. today — >> today is money! >> and go. your old catch phrase. you said dat gum. >> you said that 50 times. >> that is good. maybe southern style chef. i can call you that. >> as long as you call me your friend. >> absolutely. >> anybody that makes a turkey that looks like that is almost family. >> you can also call him ce. 0. >> master bills. >> and wait a minute. you are vice president? >> i am vice president and co. john and i are business partner force 37 years. >> 37 years. >> yeah. so who decided who was going to be president and vice president? >> we flipped a coin and he won. i was good with that. i have a good story. push it on up the ladder. >> good story about that. a friend of mine asked me, why didn’t



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