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Thanksgiving is approaching: Dash Recipes
sign for starbucks. >> tracy: i don’t know if i want to know. i like my books to be made out of paper. i like my magazines. despite the smart phone and the texting, they are still making new magazines, and i got a chance to talk to an editor who has one that is just coming out to help you with your holiday plans. >> tracy: maybe a myth, maybe prepping that thanksgiving dinner can be tension free if you have the right help. good morning. >> good morning. >> tracy: thank you for joining us, and thank you for giving us some help. this is a meal that more people get worked up over than probably all the oher meals combined over the year. what can we be doing better? >> we’ve come up with five ease make ahead side dishes for thanksgiving. you can make them in advance and reheat them. everyone looks forward to the thanksgiving feast, but you hate having to juggle all that preparation and timing



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