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Danny Granger cooks
we appreciate it. like scott mentioned, you were working last night. >> i was. i was. up early and working again. >> yes. good game last night. >> thank you. >> what would your typical routine be in the morning after a home game win or lose? >> in the morning, after the home game, depends on, how many we lost? probably won’t have practice. if we won, coach might give us a morning off. usually practice, i just wake up, eat breakfast and back to work. that is how the day goes. >> you don’t have to praice this morning. >> after this. after this, i go straight to practice. never up this early. >> appreciate you go to indy style, tailgating cookbook. talk to me about potatos. >> one of my family friends, easy to make and healthy also. even though potato, not a lot of butter involved and stuff. >> keep in mind, big butter fan. >> everybody likes butter. not a lot of butter involved on this. >>



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