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Brewers Guild of Indiana Show
watching. >> good to see you guys again. >> thank you. my gosh. jason, how are you? >> we know you are busy a good to see you. >> scenes leading up to this the weekend. tell us about this weekend. >> winter fest, the brewers of indiana guild does two big events a year. >> they are both educational and fundraisers for us as non-for profit. charity events. we donate a lot of money. we up to $250,000 through our events over the years. >> right. >> so winter fest is our wintertime celebration of beer. we sell these tickets to get people in and sample every indiana brewery amongst some out of state guests. >> we were talking numbers later. or earlier on. 95 percent of the beers out there are kind of like, the big three. >> that is correct. >> right. >> we are the little guys. all of us together are the little guys. >> what happens with all of the micro brews? and all of the craft beer? you ge



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