INSTY – Crab Cakes

Chef Tony from the Chef’s Academy prepares a traditional crab cake.
>> tracy: our kitchen was designed by kitchens by design. all beautiful, always by design. really? you’re going get it for me. >> andi: yeah, i am. you’ve gotten it for me a lot. >> tracy: we’re a team. we’re a team. hi, chef tony, you’ve been entertained. >> yes. >> tracy: the cory success act, jugglers, comedians. >> and now crab cakes. >> tracy: i’m all right with that. >> andi: that’s great. >> tracy: cause he’s chef tony. the chef from the academy. >> the crab, it has–this is a lot sweeter. you can see that the pieces are bigger. then you’ve got some other mixed in, but the jumbo and lump are going to be larger pieces of crab. that’s what you want to look for. >> andi: is it true it depends on where you come from in the country the recipe can be tweaked. >> this is one that i came up with when i was a chef at 14th west. >> tracy: i thought you were going to say this morning. >> no,



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