INSTY – Coopers Hawk

Chef Matt McMillin from Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant is in to show a sample of what they have to offer.
yeah! >> kathie hk million, busy man. >> busy day for us. >> coopers hawk is opening today. >> in lunch. >> 45 minutes. >> about 11:30. grand opening. >> ribbon cutting this morning. >> really excited to be here. >> great reading with menu. >> people who aren’t familiar. a couple of lations in chicago. >> four locations in chicago. this is our first out of town in indiana. describe for you. the general, you have a theme? something to go for. how would you? >> fully functioning winery. we produce 47 different wineries of wine. all in chicago. and, we only serve our wine. great product. fresh, american classic, cuisine. >> cool. very nice. >> we are going, so excited. so delicious. >> make one of our signature dishes. this is chicken jarredonair. one of our other suggests. short rib. couple of our desserts. we’ll jump in here. >> we have a couple of chicken breasts that pound out. quarter



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