INSTY – Cooking With The Saturdays

Jeff and Karen Saturday share their recipe for Devil’s Food Cake.
and careen saturday. jeff, what is your favorite holiday movie? >> i would say gremlins is pretty good. i like the gremlins. >> yeah. right. >> that is good. >> any time you can use scotch tape to put a revolver on your back, what about you karen? >> favorite holiday movie? >> whatever one is keeping the kids quiet? >> home alone. home alone. that is, i’m scared to let my kids watch it though. they come up with these ideas in their head, hey, can i? >> i can take off if they are not paying attention. >> i’m glad you are here. we have a saturday on, inactive. made ineligibility due to injury. not you. >> not me. thank goodness. >> doing better? >> no, but we are hoping to turn a corner soon. i am here. >> we appreciate that. you are upright. >> what? you have a recipe from the cookbook? >> devil cake. fabulous. jeff has the caramel and evaporated milk on the stove. >> okay. >> then you ma



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