INSTY- Cooking With Chef Ben

Chef Ben makes soup
>>> our kitchen was designed by kitchens by sedesign. always beautiful always by design. >> the weather is not cooperating because it is supposed to be 93 today. but we are going to do a fall soup because today is the second day of fall. i thought we would put together a soup. what i did first is i got thes diced up. and i used olive oil and just sweating them. what is sweating? i try to tell them it is a sauna for vegetables. >> because we are sweating, letting the juices come out. onions if we sat here for a couple of hours the sugars would come out and carmelized. but it takes hours. there is a little brown there, but i really don’t, want to sweat to get those juices out. love parsnips but they cook really fast. i did different shapes, i have celery, carrots, we want to make sure that we don’t drop them. but, we want to make sure that we add the vegetables according cooking time. thes



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