INSTY – Cooking Healthy With Annessa

Nutritionist Annessa Chumbley is in to show you how to make a delicious and healthy taco soup.
up for a f fiesta with nessa, we are making taco soup. it a perfect time of yeari] for shellfish and a perfect time of year for taco soup when it is 09 degrees out. the bottom will drop out. >> the conviction. >> piping hot soup. psychological thing. >> i know. i know. cold temperatures on the way next week. >> i know. file the recipe away and pull it back out in two weeks. >> the name of this game today is going to below cost and super easy! >> okay is this. >> all right. i like keep a couple of the recipes 0 in my back pocket. with stuff on hand, you can make it really, really simple. >> awesome. most great soup recipes are going to started off with a chopped onion. this is an interesting show today. i just have to say. >> all over the place. the beginning, you know the creepy head on the counter, i row miss, eyes are following me. >> planned it that way. >> awesome. pete, he is awesom



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