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Italian Mama cooks spaghetti
>>> always beautiful, always by design. describes our next guest. >> how are you doing? this is somebody’s italian grandmother that joined us. thank you so much. >> tell us your maiden name? >> costanza — >> your roots go back to sicily on both sides. >> sicily. my father came here when he was about 8 yearsnxfu old, my grandmother, god bless her, five children she brought with her. >> lots of mouths to feed, right? >> that’s exactly right. >> if anyone, people from sicily know how to feed people. what are we making today? >> today we’re making a simple pasta. you can make in 15, 20 minutes. it’s very simple, very delicious, you can modify it any way you want. it’s reasonable. you can feed six people — >> or two television hosts, right? >> i like the sound of that. >> you have the water on the boil there. >> that’s right. here goes the kosher salt in there. >> it’s salt to taste. i use



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