INSTY: Cocktail Shrimp & Blackened Redfish

Chef Jim Roberts from Loon Lake Lodge cooks up a few shrimp dishes and blackened redfish.
>>> good friend of the show, fun friend of the show, chef jim is here from loon lake laodge. >> hey, how are you? today we’re going down south, louisiana. we’re going to have shrimp cocktail with a really, really popular sauce. i’ll doing a hot and spicy shrimp which is a pepper butter and we’ve got a sweet and sour shrimp. if you look over here, we have a crab stuffed shrimp right here. and we’re going to put all of that together. keep in mind most of the recipes are now on the website, www.loonlakelodge. now shrimp cocktail, make yourself a little tea of a little pick ling spice, some lemon and some lime. bring that to a boil and drop your shrimp in there. two minutes. dump it out immediately and throw it in ice water. that stops the cooking. number two now with the blackened d fish, you’re going to need to find an iron skillet. >> my grandma had. >> that’s well seasoned. do not put an



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