INSTY: Cinco De Mayo Cooking Tips

Chef Rick Bayless, owner of the Frontera Grill in Chicago talks about Cinco de Mayo dishes.
us know the unique idea for mom. again, that’s sunday. cinco de mayo is before that. we have with us right now a chef — >> i’m getting out of here. >> if anything he’s overqualified. rick bayliss joins us. good morning, sir. >> good morning. overqualified for what? >> you’re all about authentic mexican, but before we get into it, i have to ask you, anthropology linguistics at the university of michigan? >> yes. >> are you able to apply that in your love of cuisine? >> well, actually i am. i moved to mexico to go to school. and then realized because i was raised in a restaurant family and loved to cook that i should take my love for culture and put it with my love for food and just focus on the regional foods of mexico. we don’t know much about it in the united states. we think of the tex-mex specialties but mexico has a lot more to offer than that. >> are you a one-man mission against c



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