INSTY-Cinco De Mayo

Javier Amezcua, Jr from El Sol de Tala shows us how to cook up slow roasted pork.
>>> we want to remind you that our kitchen, beautiful kitchen is being provided by kitchens by design. and it is beautiful this morning. it is all set up for cinco de mayo. >> we have now javier jr. there’s a jr. and a sr. so i want to make sure we got it right. how are you doing this morning? >> good, good. >> and you’re from el sol. >> de tala mexican restaurant. we’re located on east washington. >> been there quite a long time, haven’t you? >> yeah, we’ve been there for 30 years. serving traditional mexican food for everybody here. >> when it gets to be cinco de mayo, do you get people like trying to pass off food and you’re like there’s no way that’s authentic and it’s time for you to step up and show your menu a little bit? >> yeah. >> what are we seeing today. >> today we’re going to make — >> say that again and a little slower. >> cochenita bebel. it’s a slow-roasted pork. we’re



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