INSTY – Christina Forelli

FitCity’s Christina Forelli joins Andi in the kitchen to show how to make healthy and delicious snacks for Memorial Day.
that’s what matters. >>> joining me now is christina forelli. how are you? >> good. >> they were talking exercise, we’re going to talk food but we’re going to keep it healthy. >> definitely. >> but i still see some chocolate. >> chocolate is absolutely healthy. it is cocoa. checker board cupcakes for memorial day. they’re very low — well, they’re very healthy. there’s only one egg in there. we do have a little cream cheese but it’s the reduced fat. and they’re so pretty, you don’t even have to ice them. aren’t they great? >> here you’ve worked in something green. >> yes, of course. >> spinach? >> yeah. spinach squares. we used an egg or you can put egg beaters, spinach and just a little flour to hold them together. they’re finger food, great for kids, great for picnics, outdoor events. no fuss, no muss. of course there’s also cheese in there, reduced fat cheese. >> and we’ll have these



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