INSTY – Chili From

Chef Jason Andersoni from Dunaways is in to cook up some delicious chili.
>> we are back from dunaway’s and pallaca’s, did i get it sthaw close. close enough. >> good to see you. >> we are making great use of local ingredients. none the least, who is your hamma’s buddy, bloody mary as maker. >> people overthink chili. they want to spend hours standing and satisfactorying you will be drinking the bloody mary’s. let’s get the chili in the pot as soon as we can. >> do it on a webber grill outside. we have tailgated outside on the webber grill. landscape brick to raise it up. put the pot on there. >> awesome. very versatile. so i started the onion force a sake of going, getting going. so here i have some american beef, gunther farms pork shoulder. >> wagew beef. i love it. >> recently exposed to it. thrilled. >> ground beef didn’t seem that exciting for you guys. so, a little bit more cosmopolitan here. >> yeah. you don’t have to brown the heck out of this. i mean



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