INSTY: Chicken Marsala With Sides Of Pasta And Asparagus

Chef Bill Gruesser from Patrick’s Kitchen & Drinks prepares this classic recipe.
>> we want to remind you our beautiful kitchen is courtesy of kitchens by design. always beautiful. love it when we get to sort of stretch its limits. >> and we’ll be stretching them today. >> we’re doing that today with patrick and the chef from — your name is on the title. >> my wife, beth dickerson is my partner. >> don’t want to leave her out. >> should be called beth’s kitchen that patrick gets to run. [laughter] >> subtitle. located in zionsville. we appreciate you coming in this morning. talk a little bit if you could, the restaurant, the kitchen, they tend to have a theme or a scope or a point that they want to sort of get out, what you represent, what you want based on the menu and the geographical location. what is the case with patrick’s kitchen? >> it started out as a family restaurant. i read an article one time that said look around and see lots of smiling, happy families.



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