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Chef Academy’s Joseph Davey makes potato gnochi
inspiring and beautiful. >> thank you. >> let’s get inspired by food. >> chef joseph is here. paper covered rock. >> i won. >> he won. he’s here today. good to have you. what are we putting together today? >> we are making potato gnochi. it’s easy for people at home to make. >> it’s easy to say when you are wearing the chef’s coat. >> okay. >> the title itself is imposing. >> this has three ingredients, egg yolks, flour and potatoes. >> let’s get started. >> the first thing we have is potatoes i have cooked in water whole and i have peeled them. >> this is a potato ricer. you can shop them or mash them. this is going to make them fine. >> it’s a cool tool. >> it isn’t bad. you rice the potatoes into the flour like that. >> and work your back and arms at the same ti. >> exactly. i have three egg yolks, one and a half cups of flour, two average sized potatoes and the egg yolks. i’m going t



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