INSTY- Chef Tony Makes Salmon

Chef Tony makes Salmon
>> tracy: kitchen was designed by kitchen by design. always beautiful. always by design. coming up later we do have rock steady boxing, andi and i were reminiscing about– >> andi: boxing. >> tracy: fisticuffs. that’s for another time. one the most gentleman are here about salmon. what have we got here? >> we have a side of salmon. we’ll stay with the fall theme, so i’ve got–we’ve got butternut squash roasting in the o oven, and these are some chef anderson was here on monday, and he has that eight-mile garden. these are turnip greens from his garden. we’re going to take all that and put it together. we have champagne reduced down and it will be a champagne butter sauce. >> andi: is there more in the refrigerator? >> no, it’s all cooked down. the first thing we’re going to do, it’s called pin bones, this has been pin bones. if you get a piece of salmon, you run yours fingers along there



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