Chef Tony shows us how to makes mozzarella.
beautiful kitchen is by design kitchens. always beautiful, always by design. >> you’re here a lot. has your schedule settled down at all? >> yes. i’m good to go. >> we hope so now that you’re here. >> i’m good to go. >> i thought making cheese was a long, long, drawn out process. >> well, it is if — i buy the curd already done. i have just a very little bit of water in it. i salt it. i want to bring it to 185 degrees. you do not want to boil it. and so — which is still a little rough on the fingers when you get in there. >> i would think, yeah. >> did you use the thermometer for more like lay people to make sure we have the temperature right or can we — >> i just got a number six. it’s perfect. the best thing to do is you don’t want it to boil. when the water or juice just starts to see bubbles appear, then just turn it down a little bit. >> all right. >> where would you buy curd? i’v



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