INSTY- Chef Robert

Chef Robert Frye makes a salad
and we’ve got chef robert. and vanessa is joining us today because tracey forner is taking a little break. >> good nor him. >> andi: he’s due for a break. >> no kidding. >> andi: what are you making for us today? >> roasted beef salad and a nice vinaigrette with the juice from the grapefruit. it’s really healthy and good for you. a lot of people don’t like beats. >> andi: a lot of people are scared of beets. what do you think it is? >> a lot of people grew up eating canned beets. it makes a difference. when you’re dealing with these guys, always wear some gloves because that stuff will stain. >> andi: it’s funny when you came in, afterwards you were making this, you said you were making a beet salad. i love beets really? that’s the thing out of most people’s mouths. >> canned beets are so terrible. >> andi: they are. >> are you going to try them fresh, roast them? how are you going to do



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