INSTY- Chef Ozzie

As thanksgiving nears, Chef Ozzie shows how to make healthier ingredients for your sweet potatoes.
>> our kitchen was designed by kitchens by design. always beautiful, all by design, with a special shade of green today. >> that’s right. ozzie is there with a beautiful green shirt. >> jacket, jacket. >> what you don’t know, he has a matching phone. do you have like — >> yeah, where is it? >> do you have phones that match everything like — or is it just the jacket. >> look at that. >> nice. >> you brought some ideal recipes,. >> yes, i did. this is the revolution, and what is the revolution? getting the sugar out of all of your fods, and what a better time. next wek is the holidays coming up, and this is just the kickoff, so let’s just start now. >> why wait, you know. >> what we’re going to start with today, using our products, ideal, is a sweet potato casserole. they come in those cans, loaded with heavy syrup, sweet potatos are actually good for you in their natural state. they als



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