INSTY – Chef Marcela

Chef Marsella is Drinking
>> well, it is very cold outside. let’s heat things up, in the kitchen. join us from the food network, chef marcella. she has a twist on her traditional holiday entertaining. how are you? >> freezing up here in indianapolis. where are you joining us le from? >> los angeles. i have some warm drinks that i wish you could be drinking right now. it would warm you up. >> it would. help us a lot. i think we are in the 20s and it is blowing. >> my goodness. so what do you have for us? >>e well, first up, you know what? i have a whole bunch of mexican dishes, grea cocktails. made with some wonderful tequila. spice up the holidays with those mexican flavors. >> i agree. when we get around the holiday season. we do a lot of turkey, a lot of the traditional american cuisine. which is great. honestly, sometimes, you do want to spice it up. now, is it trying to introduce those flavors, does that mean



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