INSTY- Chef Joe’s Dashi

Chef’s academy Joe makes Dashi
say that? >> my hair. >> now, we are going over to chef joseph. sounded like you started would you say us. >> we sort of did. this is not a dorito chip. >> this is dried seaweed. >> okay. what are we doing? obviously asian infused. >> i don’t know. i don’t know if they would make this dish in any part of asia. it’s americanized like most of the food we do here. dashi is a traditional dish they do in japan and korea and china. we have our pan getting hot. >> okay. >> we have water boiling here. we are going to make a seaweed tea. we are going to let it steep. >> we are not going to eat the seaweed. >> no. >> okay. >> there are four main types of seaweed we use in the united states. we are using a combination. it’s cultivated on ropes in the sea of japan, china and korea as well. >> really? all right. >> great source of vitamins a and c. it’s interesting, one of the meat nonmeat items that



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