INSTY-Chef Joe Cooks With Science

Chef’s Academy show us how to make decorative balls.
>>> our kitchen was designed by kitchen by design. >> chef joseph. a little different twist today. >> we are going to do a little science today. we are going to use chemicals. the chef that is use it, hate the terminology, but it’s what we call it. >> why do they hate it? >> they don’t like to generalize their food. chefs don’t like to be called that. it’s basically using science in food. it’s sometimes manipulating ingredients to make them interesting, tasty. something most people haven’t seen before. we are going to use a couple different things. this first one is sodium — it’s interesting. it is found in the brow algae, the brown walls and used in fabrics for waterproofing and fireproofing. >> yummy. >> it’s edible. the next one is calcium lactate. calcium is necessary for proper bone growth and formation of bones. it’s found in different foods, typically dairy. the last one is calci



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