INSTY – Chef Jennifer

Chef Jennifer Iserlich talks about how to indulge your sweet tooth with out putting on weight.
skinny chef. how about that. we’ve got jennifer, chef jennifer and she’s going to talk about how to indulge those comfort-food cravings without expandingthe waistline. >> i don’t think you should dodge them but give in. the key is making it healthier by using really healthy ingredients that taste good. >> andi: it looks like you’ve got a ton of healthy ingredients before you. tell us little bit, what can we do? how can we indulge and not effect our west line. >> i have not always been fit. i love my tacos, pizza and i still enjoy those things today. the key is to make it at home the healthy way by using nutrients. i’ll show you that with granola bars. everyone thinks that granola bars are healthy, but they’re processed and there are preservatives. but if you make them yourself they’re good for you. i have egg white, molasses and peanut butter is great because it’s breaki bre bursting wit



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