INSTY – Chef Ben Makes Bratwurst Burgers

Chef Ben Lienman from Clark’s Appliance makes delicious bratwurst burgers
kitchens by design. always beautiful. joining us now we have chef ben from clark appliance. >> good morning. >> good morng. >> you brought power tools with you. >> i sure did. not only did i bring power tools i brought lots of pork. >> yeah. >> and we’re going to get these bratwurst burgers going. part of the reason i wanted to do this, this isn’t something that most people are going to do at home all the time. but, i want you to know that when you buy a good quality bratwurst, or if you buy sausages from somebody local, we have several good meat markets here in town, almost all of them make their own bratwurst. i wanted you to see what goes in them. >> okay. >> and then, know what does not. >> dispel kind of what people might think. >> that’s right. it’s not happening. you will see, here we have a lovely pork shoulder. >> mm-hmm. >> this is what sausage is made out of in general. natura



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