INSTY- Chef Ben

Chef Ben Lierman is here to cook fish tacos for us!
kitchens by design. always beautiful, always by design. we’re always trying to keep a little bit ahead of the schedule. while we’re talking cinco de mayo today and obviously it’s a couple weeks away but is it ever too early to start planning what you’re going to cook for these events? people are already thinking am i going to have people over, if i have people over, what am i going to make? we’re just ahead of the times just a little bit, right? >> and a big deal with this meal is that this can be done every day at the drop of a hat. we’re doing most everything from scratch here, right from — we didn’t premeasure anything, it’s a quick throw-together recipe. i thought we might get started with the cd stuff and i thought i would give you the difficult challenge of stirring the stuff when we put it in here. >> bring it. i can do that. >> you ready? we’re going to make a coleslaw dressing



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